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Company - our mission

The SKRAW-MET has a mission to support the domestic and overseas sectors: the agricultural, building, mining, motor and industrial, by providing them with hydraulic cylinders of the highest quality, meeting the international quality standards, compounded by extensive knowledge and engineering experience.

The mission of our company is to guarantee our employees stable and secure employment, as well as support them in constant increasing their qualifications and professional development.

The most important aim of our Company is its continuous development and innovative character with regard to the cooperation with the client. Taking care of the highest quality, continuous improvement and dynamic development involve every stage of communication with the client, as well as the realization of the production process for his benefit: starting with a meticulous preparation of the construction project and then its implementation with the support of the expert staff and the high-tech machinery fleet, concluding with the final product control and its after-sales service.

The aforementioned activities are aimed at creating the SKRAW-MET brand as the one meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients and extending beyond the economical aspects of market activity.

The motto of SKRAW-MET company is: providing production services at the highest technical and quality level, at the shortest time and at competitive prices, using the experience of many year´s standing to meet clients´ expectations.

    Qualities and conditions determining the work of the SKRAW-MET company are as follows:
  • the right verification of the client´s needs an basing on it matching the solution to "tailor" it to the client
  • openness to all clients´ remarks and concepts regarding our products
  • pro-quality orientation of offered products
  • continuous verification, improvement and development of the company´s offer
  • continual training of the engineering team with reference to the state-of-the-art technology and implementing it in the production process
  • continuous exploring new areas of expansion as well as reinforcing the leader´s position in the to date area of company´s activity
  • creating the atmosphere of team work combining freedom of operation with the discipline of executed assignments
  • supporting employees´ creativity and innovation.

Hi-force hydraulics - cylinders and hydraulic pumps. We produced such items as: pistons, stutterers, nuts, rings, sleeves for telescopic actuators, as well as hydraulic pumps and many others products