JUNE 2022

We are presenting our promotional video in the updated version. See in how many sectors Skraw-met products are used!

MAY 2022

Metaltech is already 30 years old. During this time it has produced 30 thousand trailers and machines!
The success of Metaltech is the result of many years of hard work, courage, creativity and perseverance of all its employees and good cooperation with its partners. The Management Board of the company (Mr Ryszard Beer, Mr Jan Borowiec and Mr Ireneusz Ciepielewski) thanked their team and business partners during the jubilee gala celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company, which was held on 23 April in the Auditorium Maximum of the Academy of Applied Sciences in Piła.

We had the great pleasure to celebrate this day together with our client.


MAY 2022

We constantly care about quality! We are pleased to announce that we have once again renewed our Management System Certificate. The ISO 9001 standard supports our ability to continually deliver products that meet customer requirements.
Our goal is to continually improve the quality of our products and services.





JULY 2021

Skraw-met warehouse and production halls: the construction progress is huge! The construction is underway, the halls are growing in sight! 🙂 Thinking about even better quality and efficiency – the customer is always at the center of our attention.

JULY 2021

We focus on saving and protecting the environment! Environmental audit and the ISO 14001: 2015 standard have been with us for several years. Now is the time for another ecology-friendly project carried out in Skraw-Met: photovoltaic panels. Soon we will extend the project to all roof surfaces in order to efficiently recover energy from the Sun. We focus on saving and protecting the environment!















MAY 2021

Skraw-met is constantly developing! Our company is still expanding the factory with new production and storage halls and investing in the expansion of the crane. We are also expanding the administrative and office space. The completion of the above investments is planned in 2021. The construction and centralization of a new robotic welding shop is also going full steam ahead – the planned completion of this investment is the beginning of 2022.

MAY 2021

We are looking for employees! More at   and


MARCH 2021

We are building more warehouse and production halls! The new surface will increase efficiency, operational efficiency and competitiveness. We focus on continuous development, while ensuring the constant quality of our products


SKRAW-MET: promotional video
We have been operating in the field of power hydraulics for half a century. In our work, we combine many years of tradition and experience with innovation. We are the leader on the Polish market, and over 40% of our production is exported. We export our products to 30 different countries around the world.


Our hydraulic cylinders of all types are made of certified materials. They are characterized by a rigid structure and simple structure, which allows for reliable and long-term operation in difficult conditions, especially in construction, road and mining machines.


We wish you that the coming 2021 will bring only what is good for you and joyful! Peace, joy and a moment of relaxation. May 2021 be the best year, better than all the years gone by.


Holiday greetings:


Skraw-met is a trusted manufacturer of power hydraulics – we skillfully combine several dozen years of experience in advanced production with innovation and continuous development.


KAIZEN EMPLOYEE SUGGESTION SYSTEM IN SKRAW-MET COMPANY. First employees awarded – Congratulations !
We would like to thank all employees for their commitment, creativity and suggestions for better future. We encourage the entire Skraw-met team to get involved – we are looking forward to all of the ideas and initiatives.  Kaizen idea box is waiting for your ideas!



We have a modern, constantly developed machine park. The plant operates on several dozen CNC machines, and the company’s equipment includes: lathes, milling machines, drills, welding machines, welding robots, automatic saws, and hydraulic presses. 15 assembly lines, our own paint shop and our own measurement laboratory enable us to produce at the highest world level.












JULY 2020
We remember our summer campaign -we support good staffs! #GaszynChallenge: