Technical specifications


Hydraulic cylinders of all kinds are manufactured using certified materials. They have a very rigid and simple design, making them very reliable and durable even under harsh conditions, especially when used in construction, road- and mining machines.

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Certyficates ISO

CYLINDER BUSHING is made of steel with a yield point
Re> 320MPa. The technology of diamonding and finishing by rolling allows to obtain a finish with a surface roughness of at least Ra = 0.32. The range of diameters from Ø25 to Ø350, depending on the diameter, up to a length of 8 meters.

PISTON is made from steel with yield strength Re> 335MPa,and for welded structures Re> 440MPa. The surface of the piston rods is covered with chrome with a layer thickness of> 20 μm and diameters up to Ø240. Made depending on the diameter up to 8 meters. We also make piston rods from open-die forgings where the surface of the piston rod is covered with chrome with a layer thickness of 20 ÷ 30 μm and is polished to Ra = 0.32. On special orders, we make piston rods covered with a nickel-chrome protective coating.

BALL JOINTS are being produced by us and are made of steel with the yield strength Re> 800 MPa and are subjected to the nitro-sulphurization process, reducing friction of the joint elements.

BREAKING THE SPEED OF MOVEMENT OF THE PISTON in extreme positions, depending on the design of the actuator and a given series of types, is available from the piston diameter of Ø63mm or Ø80mm.


Depending on the customer's requirements, we use a diverse range of sealing products from Hallite, Busak + Shamban, Merkel, Simrit, Beier-Technik, Inko, Guarnitec Tecnolan Italseals Grup. For actuators with a pressure of up to 20MPa, we use standard polyurethane lip seals on the piston rod and compact seals on the piston, consisting of a shaped rubber sealing ring, two support rings and two thermoplastic guide rings.

In cylinders with a pressure of up to 40MPa, a combination of two different seals or one packet seal is used on the piston rod. There is a compact seal on the piston or a two-element seal with guide rings.