Telescopic cylinders

Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are manufactured in both single acting and double acting designs. Depending on the required length of cover, they come in two-, three-, four- and five-stage variants. The succeeding stages in the actuator each have decreasing piston diameter which enables it to start its operation with high force and low speed and conclude it with a small force and high speed later on. Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are applicable to the market:
- machines for the municipal sector
- trailers for agriculture
- semi-trailers and car trailers
- machines and equipment for airport servicing.


Can be used in any position

the possibility of high lifting of objects with a low initial height, allow the device to be inserted into small, tight niches

Wide range of work

the individual parts come off gradually. This makes it possible to adjust the lifting height at any level.

System tightness

cylinders placed one in the other, despite their mobility, maintain the tightness of the entire system.