Quality certificate 2009

Our products are high quality and allow opinions our customers

Hydraulic cylinders of all kinds are manufactured using certified materials. They have a very rigid and simple design, making them very reliable and durable even under harsh conditions, especially when used in construction-, road- and mining machines. Sleeves in our cylinders are made of steel with a fatigue limit of Re > 320MPa. Our diamond polishing and rolling finishing technology facilitates achieving smoothness on the order of at least Ra=0,32. The diameter range is Ø25 to Ø350, and depending on the diameter, the length range offered amounts to 8 meters.

Piston rods are made of steel with a fatigue limit of Re > 335MPa, or Re > 440MPa for welded structures. The surface of piston rods is covered in a >20 µm chromium layer for diameters below Ø240. Depending on their diameter, the length range offered amounts to 8 meters. We also make piston rods using freely smithed pieces with the piston rod surface covered in a 20÷30 µm chromium layer and polished to Ra=0,32. We also offer custom-made piston rods featuring a chromium and nickel protective coating. Ball swivel connectors of our own making are made of steel with a fatigue limit of Re > 800 MPa and are subjected to nitrogen sulfurization, which reduces friction of swivel parts.

Depending on the requirements expressed by the customer, a variety of sealing products may be applied, provided by the following companies: Hallite, Busak+Shamban, Merkel, Simrit, Beier-Technik, Inko, Guarnitec Tecnolan Italseals Grup. Actuators having pressure values below 20 MPa are fitted with polyurethane lip seals at the piston rod and compact seals at the piston, comprising of a rubber shaped sealing ring, two support rings and two guiding rings made of thermoplast. In cylinders with pressure values up to 40 MPa, a combination of two kinds of sealing or a packet sealing is used at the rod. At the piston, a compact sealing is used or a two-element sealing with guiding rings.

Cushioning of piston travel velocity at extreme positions depends on the design of the actuator and the set type given and is applied for piston diameters above Ø63mm or Ø80mm.

    The cylinders we manufacture are labelled in compliance with worldwide labelling standards:
  • SHB 1/A/ x D x d x H/ Δh x α° x β°
  • SHB 2/A/ x D x d x H/ Δh x α° x β°
  • SHB 3/A/ x D x d x H/ Δh x l x α° x β°

    1 - mounting of cylinder at sliding sleeve
    2 - mounting of cylinder at the ball swivel
    3 - mounting of cylinder at sleeve bracket
    A - cylinder without initial cushioning at inlet (if not required)
    D - piston diameter
    d - piston rod diameter
    H - piston travel
    Δh - piston rod extension in SHB cylinders (as stated by the purchaser)
    l - bracket hole separations from top of the cylinder nut, in SHB3 cylinders only (as stated by the purchaser)
    α° - angle for inlet below piston (piston side chamber)
    β° - angle for inlet above piston (piston rod side chamber)
SHB1 - hydraulic actuator
SHB2 - hydraulic actuator
SHB3 - hydraulic actuator
Hi-force hydraulics - cylinders and hydraulic pumps. We produced such items as: pistons, stutterers, nuts, rings, sleeves for telescopic actuators, as well as hydraulic pumps and many others products